Mach v0.2 has been released! For all the details check out the announcement

Platform support

We aim to support a broad array of operating systems and architectures, as long as they are reasonably used by desktop/mobile consumers, or someone would like to contribute and maintain support for them.

macOSlast 3 major versions supported;
Windows🏃windows 7+ supported; ARM support is WIP
SteamOS (deck)truly native (Vulkan); no controller/OS integration yet; demo video
Browser🏃WebGPU not working; audio, input, recompile-on-reload, etc. is working
iOS💭contributions welcome; planned in future
Android💭contributions welcome; planned in future

Console support

Console support is a goal in future years, but we’re realistic this will not happen anytime soon.

Zig has a work-in-progress C backend, which enables Zig projects to compile themselves to C code which can then be compiled using a standard C compiler. We will leverage this in order to compile Mach games using console’s official SDKs, when the time comes.

Our intention is for Hexops (game company) to offer private access to a set of plugins that will enable console support/features, under all neccessary NDAs/legal agreements which console manufacturers require of partners and publishers. We are optimistic about offering this as an at-cost service, with no intention of making profits from it.