Mach v0.3 has been released! For all the details check out the announcement

Mach engine is not ready for use yet and is in very early-stages of development.
FAQ: "Can I use Mach to make a simple 2D game?"

Game engine & graphics toolkit

Competitive in spirit with other engines

We’re planning a fully-fledged set of deeply integrated tools, a proper editor, the whole deal-we’re not kidding around here.

Not ready for use yet

Mach engine is not ready for use yet and is in the early-stages of development. We're realistic in that we are a fair amount of time away from this being reality - so please wait to hear our voice and see the roadmap for a general idea of what we're up to today.

Deeply rooted in modularity

Mach engine is designed to be modular, the only part you must adopt is our Entity Component System (as all modules are built using this to integrate with one another.)

All modules will be optional, so that you can easily plug-and-play different ones for making GUIs, rendering 2D sprites, 3D meshes, physics & more.

Data & tooling-driven

We envision a new set of tools for gamedevs that involve a deep integration with our ECS, which should allow for extensive debugging facilities and more. We’re optimistic about exploring other tooling which effectively produce data in simple & intuitive ways (think: why is developing games not as fun as playing them?)


There is a long road ahead, it’s going to require a lot of work to get to where we are going.

We’ve been working on Mach for ~2 years now, primarily building out the Zig gamedev ecosystem and building foundational packages that we needed for Mach core, as a result we’ve really just broken ground on the engine side of things.

See the roadmap for a general idea of what we’re up to today.

Join the effort

There is a ton of stuff to do, and we’d love your help in making this a reality. :)

Join us in Discord to participate and keep up with the latest developments.