Mach v0.2 has been released! For all the details check out the announcement

Coordinate system (+Y up, left-handed)

  • Normalized Device coordinates: +Y up; (-1, -1) is at the bottom-left corner.
  • Framebuffer coordinates: +Y down; (0, 0) is at the top-left corner.
  • Texture coordinates: +Y down; (0, 0) is at the top-left corner.

Diagrams (placeholder image)


You can use other coordinate systems if you need to, of course, by converting between them - but it intentionally won’t be as convienient to use with mach-math. Our coordinate system was chosen largely for consistency with other popular APIs’ defaults:

  • WebGPU (+Y up, left-handed)
  • Metal (+Y up, left-handed)
  • D3D12 (+Y up, left-handed)
  • Unity3D (+Y up, left-handed, note their texture coordinates are (0, 0) bottom-left)

Software which doesn’t match our coordinate system:

  • Blender (+Z up, right-handed)
  • Unreal (+Z up, left-handed)
  • OpenGL (+Y up, right-handed)
  • Vulkan (-Y up, right-handed)
  • Godot (+Y up, right-handed)