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Highly experimental, blazingly fast, lean & mean WebGPU implementation in Zig.


This is an experimental project according to our stability guarantees:

When a project has an experimental warning, it means all bets are off. You should carefully read the warning to understand why the project is experimental, and assume the worst.

Tracking issue:


  • Written in Zig, be the leanest and meanest WebGPU implementation in the books (ability to turn off safety checks, bounds checks in shaders, etc.)
  • Custom WGSL shader parser, AST, compiler, etc.
    • Modern backends:
      • Direct3D (Windows)
      • Vulkan (Linux, Android)
      • Metal (macOS, iOS)
    • (long-term) Custom Zig-like shader syntax
    • (long-term) Feature extensions (bindless, ray tracing, etc.)


  • Patching or working around bad or insecure graphics drivers (browsers do this.)
  • Ultra-wide hardware support; we won’t maintain OpenGL/GLES or software rendering backends, nor compatibility mode)
  • BYOSL (bring-your-own-shading-language)